Let’s Get Checked – At Home Wellness Test Kits – Lyme, Thyroid, Liver

Let's Get Checked – My personal experiece with At Home Wellness Test Kits for Lyme Disease, Thyroid, and Liver. Such an easy process!

Let's Get Checked - At Home Wellness Test Kits - Lyme, Thyroid, Liver


Being an Advocate for Your own Health and Wellness

I've recently been exploring different options and methods for getting some answers about my own health concerns and taking my health into my own hands. It isn't that I don't trust my doctors, it's just that I don't feel like the gap has been bridged enough between western medicine and holistic medicine. I'm still not seeing a strong enough emphasis from doctors on the food we eat, and it's ability to either cause or correct disease and illness. I see a Naturopath, and I have a primary care provider trained in Western medicine. I believe there is a time and a place for both. Ultimately, I would love to find a really good functional medicine doctor in my area that I can work with to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. But until then, I will always be a champion for my own health and wellness. In fact, I feel so strongly about this that I just started school again to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I am really excited for this next chapter in my career, as well as my own personal health and wellness. We only have one body, it is up to us to take care of it.

When Let's Get Checked reached out to me about a potential partnership for their at home wellness test kits, I knew right away that it was a great fit for me. Based on all of the questions that you guys have been asking me, I can tell that this information and resource is a good fit for you also. They asked me which tests I was the most interested in taking. Since I was already well away of my food sensitivities, and have already tested twice for those, I wanted to take the next steps towards addressing some of the other symptoms I have been experiencing. I said that I was interested in the Lyme Disease Test, the Liver Test, and the Thyroid Test. Before I tell you more about Let's Get Checked, and about these tests, first let me tell you what led me down this path in the first place. I'm going to share something with you that I have never shared about myself in this space.

Nailing down symptoms to their root cause can be somewhat like looking for a needle in a haystack. This is especially true when you are dealing with potential autoimmune diseases, as many of them share a lot of cross-over symptoms. Sometimes it is necessary to figure out what you DO NOT have, in order to begin to nail down exactly what might be going on in your body. I will share with you some of the symptoms I have been experiencing that led me to look into further testing. However, please note that I am not looking for a potential diagnosis from anyone that might be reading this. I have been tackling my health challenges head on and working with my healthcare team to figure out what might be going on. I never shared this with any of you, but about 2 years ago, I was given a preliminary diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. To give this diagnosis based on family history, symptoms and a physical examination, without the results of my MRIs coming back, was both reckless and damaging on the part of the neurologist. It led to a lot of extra stress, worry, tears, and panic.

You see, my aunt passed away from complications of her MS. My uncle is blind and confined to a wheelchair due to his MS, and I have 3 cousins my age that have also been diagnosed with MS. It was a natural leap, especially based on symptoms, to assume that is what was going on with me as well. (For me, not for a trained, 25 year veteran neurologist)  After the results of my MRI came back that I had no lesions on my brain, he actually said to me “I think your symptoms are psychological and you should speak to someone”. That is the very last time I ever set foot into a Group Health. To be told you have MS, and then to be told you are faking it was far more than I was willing to allow from a person that was supposed to have my highest good in mind. The MRI did reveal that I had a small pineal gland cyst about 7 x 5 x 7 mm, and that I have a Empty Sella Syndrome. This is where the pituitary gland is deflated and the space that is should fill is instead filled with cerebrospinal fluid. He told me these were not of concern and that the pituitary gland was vestigial at this point. UM, WHAT NOW? The pituitary gland is the hub of the endocrine system and he was calling it vestigial as if I had been born with a tail. It was at this very moment that I realized just how truly broken our healthcare system was and that if I didn't start championing for myself, that no one would.

Okay, so back to those symptoms I was experiencing: 

Numbing and tingling on the left side of my face
Pins and needles in my hands and feet
Heavy, dead feeling legs
Vision problems with my left eye
Extreme heat intolerance
Excessive urination
Fatigue and brain fog
Severe eye twitch (left side)
Joint and muscle pain
and more…

These are all symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis. They are also symptoms of many other diseases and illnesses. There was a lot more that transpired between the incorrect MS diagnosis and where we are today, but I  will spare you the majority of it and say that I was finally able to trace a lot of the symptoms back to undiagnosed food sensitivities. Furthering my point above that physicians still have a long way to go where nutritional is concerned. YES! Many of the symptoms I was experiencing were related to eating eggs, dairy, and gluten and NOT in fact multiple sclerosis.

But alas, cutting those foods out did not rectify all of my symptoms and I have still been continuing my quest for wellness. Many of these are crossover symptoms with various thyroid issues, liver issues and lyme disease. Thus, why I chose the tests that I did.

First let me tell you what is included in these at home wellness test kits:

The process for testing couldn't be simpler. Best of all, it takes place right in the comfort of your own home, and for quite a bit less than you would pay to have your doctor run the same tests. I should know, I paid out of pocket for my IgG and IgE antibody assessment test that my naturopath ran for me. Let me start by telling you what comes in the kit:

Instructions on how to activate your kit
Instructions how to conduct the test
Bandaids, gauze and sterile wipes
Blood collection vial
Biohazard bag
Prepaid shipping envelope


Let's Get Checked - At Home Wellness Test Kits - Lyme, Thyroid, Liver



So how do these home wellness test kits work anyway?

The process is very simple:

Once you have activated your kit wash your hands with warm water to activate blood flow.
Simply clean your finger with the sterile wipe provided, then dry your finger with tissue.
Prick the side of your index or middle finger on your non-dominant hand with the lancet while your arm is pointed downwards above the vial.
Fill the provided vial to the line that is visible on the vial. Ensure that you reach this line for quick delivery of your results.

Seal your sample and put it in the biohazard bag, put the bag back in the box, put the box in the shipping envelope and send it off. BOOM! Done! Just like that. Then within about 10 days time, you will have your results sent directly to your inbox. I made a video for you to show exactly how simple the process truly is.



Let's Get Checked is offering 15% off to all Peace Love and Low Carb readers with the code KYNDRA15 at checkout. Check out their full line of testing HERE


So what did the results of my at home wellness test kits show?

You will get an email letting you know that the results of your at home wellness test kit have arrived. From there, you can login to your dashboard on Let's Get Checked to go over your results. They will also call you with your results to go over them with you and to tell you what everything means. I opted to just read mine on my own and then to call them if I had any questions. When you log in, it will show which test results are back, and it will also make recommendations for future testing. (Check out all of their at home wellness test kits here)


Let's Get Checked - At Home Wellness Test Kits - Lyme, Thyroid, Liver


Thyroid Test Results

The results of my Thyroid Test showed that everything was in the normal ranges. This is conclusive with a testing that I had done recently through my doctor. It is important to note that in addition to your T3 and T4 levels, they are also testing your TSH, Free T4, Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase, Anti-Thyroglobulin. This gives you a much more accurate picture of your thyroid function. Often times, unless you really push for it, your doctor will only check T3 and T4 when ordering thyroid tests.

In addition to just providing me the ranges, I can expand each test result to read more about what it means and to also connect with a nurse to speak about any concerns or questions I might have. They don't just leave you high and dry with your results. I think I can safely rule out my thyroid as the cause of my issues. Two test with conclusive results leave me feeling comfortable enough to make this statement. (Get the Thyroid Test Here)

Let's Get Checked - At Home Wellness Test Kits - Lyme, Thyroid, Liver

Lyme Disease Test Results

My Lyme disease test came back negative, suggesting that I do not now, nor have I ever had Lyme disease. I wasn't really too worried about this one, but I wanted to rule it out to be safe because Lyme diseases can prevent itself as so many different things and it one of the hardest things to nail down as a diagnosis. (Get the Lyme Disease Test Here)


Let's Get Checked - At Home Wellness Test Kits - Lyme, Thyroid, Liver


Liver Test Results

My liver test results are where things get a little trickier. It came back that my ALT and Gamma GT were both quite elevated. They told me that it could be the result of certain medications or of alcohol. I am not on any prescription medications, but I do enjoy the occasion or sometimes more than occasional cocktail. I did drink wine the night before taking these tests, which in hindsight probably wasn't the smartest. But could that be enough to trigger these results? Or is something more at work here? (Get the Liver Test Here)

I did some research on my own about what these results could mean. I didn't want to end up self diagnosing through Dr. Google, so instead, I plan to take these results to my Naturopath and have her confirm them and put together a plan for me. However, I can tell you that whatever she comes up with, I will strictly adhere to. I don't want to mess around with my liver function.

Here is what I do know to be true about GGT:

It is an enzyme that is always present in low levels, but when elevated levels are found, it is usually a sign of some sort of liver damage. It is also a strong indicator that your liver cells may be damaged due to inflammation. The testing is not specific and will not help in determining what type of liver damage you might have, but it does signal that there is a problem. These levels will be elevated with liver cancer, viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, autoimmune liver disease, cirrhosis, etc.

High ALT levels are also indicative of some sort of liver damage. I am eager to go over these results with my doctor, and to retest to confirm. Mostly, I am just thankful to be armed with this information in case it really is a sign of something bigger. Over the course of my entire medical journey, none of the doctors or specialists I have seen ever thought to test my liver. Perhaps my symptoms didn't warrant it at the time, or perhaps it just got missed. However, I know now and can do whatever is necessary to hopefully correct the issues.


Let's Get Checked - At Home Wellness Test Kits - Lyme, Thyroid, Liver

Stay tuned for more on this topic. I will keep you updated as I go over these liver results with my doctor and put together a plan. I also plan to take some more of their tests to continue down the path to finding my optimal health and wellness. This process has been so seamless and truly exceeded my expectations. Knowing that I can take my health into my own hands in a responsible and smart manner. If you are interested in learning more about your own health and wellness without spending a fortune to do it, I can't recommend Let's Get Checked at home health test kits enough. They are thorough, accurate, and easy to use. Best of all, they provide you with all the support you need to interpret your results and put together a plan to help correct any imbalances.

Find out more about the health and wellness categories you can get tested today:

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Let's Get Checked is offering 15% off to all Peace Love and Low Carb readers with the code KYNDRA15 at checkout. Check out their full line of testing HERE

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